Kombucha is simple. It’s a fizzy, frothy, fermented beverage. It only has a few ingredients and is surprisingly easy to make. Plus it’s good, I mean really good, and likely really good for you. It is one of just a few drinks we keep around the house. Fresh milk and milk kefir, water and water kefir […]

Did you know this desserty food is healthy food? Yep. Just think, slathering it on antioxidant-rich pumpkin or berry pie or dolloping it on or dipping into it with fresh berries is good for you.   Cream is Magical Food. Raw cream, that is. It has something rare: Vitamin K-2. What’s so special about Vitamin […]

These are moist with a creamy texture—thus Coconut Cream Cookies. Bonus: they have the three key things every meal needs. Yep, you read that right. These cookies are a meal-in-a-cookie.   The three must-haves for every meal are: Protein High-quality, healthy fat Produce   And these cookies have it all. Protein: shredded coconut, coconut milk […]

Packets of potential rest, waiting.   Huddlers for warmth buzz, stretching.   When the equinox rolls around, the sun doesn’t favor one hemisphere over the other. Opposites find their equal. It’s not winter, and it’s not summer.   It’s the middle, the transition, the balance.   Possibility knocks on the door of our winterized selves. […]