October, Welcome {SMPL+FREE Printable}


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As a longtime Anne of Green Gables fan, having read the first four books in the Anne of… series to my crew of kids—with at least one of them admiring Anne's spiritedness as much as I do—the beauty captured in her words is perfect as I sit here on the porch, leaves on the ground, fall breeze, yellow hue painted everywhere:


I’m so glad

I live in a world

where there are


-L.M. Montgomery


October captures the season perfectly. It reveals fall’s richness.

Having a soul connection to this season, October—fall—mirrors life the way no other time does for me.

October is change. Fall is change. Living is change.



Every leaf speaks

bliss to me,

fluttering from

the autumn tree.

-Emily Bronte


Season’s changed. You’ve changed. I’ve changed.

October, welcome.


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