Giving + Thanks {SMPL+FREE Printable}

Nov 14, 2016

The everyday is worth slowing down for. Magic is wrapped in the mundane:

  • volunteer pumpkins + tomatoes growing in window boxes
  • a tiny (pinky-nail tiny) feather wisping across the kitchen floor
  • baby smiles and, don’t forget, baby giggles
  • accidental, but so intentional seeming, eye contact

The free, unplanned beauty that butts up against real, ordinary, accidental life is breathed in every breath. We just have to remember to slow down long enough to take the breath, the deep, full breath.

Notice simple moments. They’re pretty by how they pop against regular old life. It’s the contrast that makes the magic.

Not one of the things that make life beautiful, that make us beautiful cost anything, involve going anywhere or require us to be glamorous in a perfectly planned outfit, a luxury car or a pinterest-perfect house.

Right here in this plain moment—in pumpkins and tomatoes and feathers (especially tiny ones) and smiles and eyes (especially pairs of eyes looking into other pairs of eyes) and breath—there’s magic.

Breathe in thanks. Fill until thank full. Exhale to share. Repeat.




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