Some days the steps go backward, but we keep going. Some mornings we sit on the edge of the bed and wonder how any steps can be taken at all today. Some nights we cry ourselves to sleep—together, alone—wondering how something so hard can be done.

This list was born during one of my low points. Mark and I were talking at 4:30AM. Yes, sometimes that’s the only time for adults to talk with four kids in the house. He woke me up. (well, I wasn’t sleeping). And we finally talked. The reason for my pain, I realized, was that one […]

Kombucha is simple. It’s a fizzy, frothy, fermented beverage. It only has a few ingredients and is surprisingly easy to make. Plus it’s good, I mean really good, and likely really good for you. It is one of just a few drinks we keep around the house. Fresh milk and milk kefir, water and water kefir […]