Simplista's Guide to a Minimal Spring Wardrobe : : Part II {Color Love}




1. a feminine lover of simplicity, striving to uncomplicate food, family + fashion.

2. you, me.


Color is everywhere right now. I'm a little obsessed. Warning: Lots of color-inspired pictures to follow.

But first, complementary colors. Do you know what makes a picture or an outfit pop? Complementary colors kissing. Where opposites intersect, magic happens. Two colors opposite each other on the color spectrum complement each other perfectly.Go straight across, and you'll find a color's opposite and its perfect complement.


Opposites attract.


Brilliant statement pairs are:

blue + orange  (copper)    : :   denim with copper buttons + amber-colored stitching are classic

purple + yellow  : :    Mmmm... wild violets

green + red (pink)    : :    think Christmas; Lilly Pulitzer signature colors

Black + white do it, too.


Side by side the contrast is understated, but bold. Nature has been getting this right forever. Do some matchmaking, and make sparks fly.


blue + copper (orange)    : :    purple + yellow    : :    green + pink (red)    : :    black + white


blue + copper (orange)    : :    purple + yellow    : :    green + pink (red)


navy + coral (blue + orange)    : :    picking flowers in the rain


purple + yellow: :    2250 violet seeds tossed in the yard


green + pink (red)    : :    black + white

Real MamaMissy Campbell