Missy Campbell | Taste of Simple
Hi! I'm Missy Campbell. I have to admit I'm not very good at following recipes or rules. Give me a cookbook, I glance at it, close it up and do something else.

It all started twenty-something years ago. I was voted best dressed and most attractive. I'm not bragging. Bear with me. It was the culmination of years of being popular, well-liked and, yeah, cute.

I wasn't rebellious. I grew up with little guidance. Had nothing to rebel against.

I needed to be better than cute. I shaved my head. People talked about how pretty I used to be. Grandma said she had no idea I had such a beautiful head.

I did well in school. At sixteen I told the guidance counselor I wanted to graduate. She dragged her feet. I did it anyway. I went to Ecuador. Got some marriage proposals. Declined. Attended my first funeral. Learned Spanish. Went back to live in Mom's attic.

Taste of Simple // Missy Campbell

I wouldn't be pretty again for a long time.

I chose a college in Vermont with only one requirement: to write well. I enrolled, and a week after I turned seventeen I was on a dirt road, looking into the eyes of the man who would become my best friend, my soulmate and my husband. He was the most conservative, middle-class man I'd ever seen—in the woods of Vermont.

I only stayed three months. Back to the attic. I went to The Farm in Tennessee. Went home. Took anatomy and sculpture. I was looking for something.

In hours and hours and hours of pedaling to town and back home, I found it. I found her. I changed.

I learned to rebel against the world not by how I looked but by how I lived. It's not the thoughts I think that matter but the thoughts I do.

I graduated, married him. Four babies later, I protest craziness by creating uncraziness in the kitchen, in my kids' days and by being unsexily unbusy.


Rebel by living well, despite everything.


I own two cookbooks. I crack them open twice a year, maybe. Like I said, I don't follow recipes well. I make up my own. I need to make what I see around me better, always.

Don't follow my recipe ingredient for ingredient. Make it even better. Make everything better than I, or anyone else, says it should be.


Missy Campbell | Taste of Simple

And always,

Keeping up with the Joneses,

Slowing down with the Campbells,

Missy Campbell // Taste of Simple