The No ‘Poo Resource List

Nov 8, 2018

Since many of you asked, I’ve put together my no ‘poo resource list—all my favorite things that got me, and can help you find, no ‘poo bliss. I’ve tried so many things in the last 4 years. These are the tried-and-trues. Happy no ‘pooing!

Favorite pH-Balanced washes + rinses

Aloe Juice/Gel // HERE

Rye Flour // HERE

Shikakai (my personal faaaaavorite) // HERE

Soapnuts // HERE

Honey // HERE

Amla // HERE

Useful (not pH-balanced) Washes + Rinses

Baking Soda (I recommend naturally mined, rather than man-made[the orange box], for use in/on your body.) // HERE

Bentonite Clay // HERE

Rhassoul Clay // HERE

Chickpea Flour // HERE

Apple Cider Vinegar // HERE

For Dry Shampoo

Arrowroot // HERE

Cocoa Powder (natural, non-alkalized) // HERE

My BBB (Boar Bristle Brush) + Comb

Wild Boar Bristle Brush (Medium Thickness) // HERE

Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb (for detangling after washing) // HERE

Other good stuff I use

for applying washes + rinses:

Great Squirt Bottles for apply washes + rinses directly to scalp // HERE

Stainless Steel Mini Pitcher for mixing small amounts for single washes // HERE

for applying spray-ins:

Metal Spritzer // HERE

Blue Glass Spritzer // HERE

Hope this gets you going—and keeps you rockin’ your locks—on your no ‘poo journey!




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