Aug 5, 2016

There’s no time like now.

Let’s fill up with now living—not with already-happened living or with in-the-distance living, but with right-now living. The kind that puts our values square in front of us, and gets us acting on them now and not saving them for never. The excuse-free, no-waiting, right-in-the-storm-of-life kind of living, where we send our long-term values out into the world, and follow where they take us whether the course is straight or jagged.

Even without the money we think we need, even without the peace we think we need, even without that dream health, let’s say yes to now.


I started Taste of Simple for two reasons:

  • to help me + others be simple
  • to help so many simply be.

We strive to be simple so others can simply strive to be.

A now moment happened to me last year. You know those ones where it’s clear. You just all of sudden know something it seems like you should’ve known all along. But it was in that moment, that second. Now was that tiny second in my walk home from the park—just me {+ my 4 little people} when I started writing, writing in my head, writing on paper. Clearing out my mind and life to narrow things down to now.

Acting is more powerful than believing.

Doing is more powerful than hoping.


I knew my quiet, peaceful life was about to get louder. Intentionally, slowly, a little bit louder. I had something to say + something to share.


Taste of Simple is that thing.

Now is that thing.




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